What is love?

In my own words this is my opinion of love.

Love is when you can feel the butterflies in your stomach when you’re with that special someone. Its when you can feel those sparks fly and fireworks explode when your lips meet. Its when you never get tired of him/her when they talk to you. Its when you always enjoy their company. Its when you can feel electricity running through you with just one simple touch. Its when you feel cold and empty without him/her. Its when you feel complete with them. Its when you know you have found your missing puzzle piece. Its when time goes so fast when you’re with them. Its when you forget about everything when you’re with them. Its when you can’t think straight. Its when you can be yourself and know that him/her won’t judge you. Its when you know there are no specific words to describe what you’re feeling. Its when you push aside each and every flaw of them. Its when you would do lots of things for him/her just to make them happy. Its when you smile unconsciously when you talk about him/her. But last but not least… its when you never get tired of saying I love you to him/her.